About Us

Leadership Accelerated

Phillips & Company is a global communications firm that helps clients create, defend and sustain leadership positions through public relations and business development.

We help companies and organizations focus on the opportunities and strategies that accelerate market adoption and success by creating greater demand for products, services and ideas. Ultimately, we help our clients build and reinforce their position as a trusted leader.

Leadership is the key to successfully reaching set objectives. Establishing a leadership position is the foundation of effective PR, business development and sales. Transformational leadership in today’s most dynamic markets is the measure for success in building brand integrity, generating new revenue, sustaining revenue growth, supporting effective recruiting and cultivating trust and loyalty among customers and prospects.

  • We work with companies as an extension of their senior leadership team to create and execute strategic communications and business development campaigns. Our approach t helps companies focus on the strategies that deliver greater market leverage.
  • Our people are knowledgeable and experienced. They have built companies and created markets.
  • Every one of Phillips & Company’s directors has more than 15 years of experience building market leadership positions for companies, products, services and ideas.

Our Values

At the heart of every campaign is a set of guiding principles. Our philosophy.

The Phillips Philosophy is our promise and commitment to our clients and to our employees. It is a critical component of our culture governing our actions and guaranteeing our performance.

We recognize that each and every day is an opportunity to be better than the day before.

The Phillips Philosophy

  • To inspire the people we serve and lead to recognize the potential of their talents, the depth of their courage and the power of leadership.
  • To become an example of what life can hold for those who struggle against adversity for those who question one’s ability to make a difference.
  • To stretch others to take risks and challenge assumptions.
  • To expand freedom and harness it to clear the way.
  • To be an extraordinary example of what an ordinary person can accomplish with faith, imagination and purpose.