Case Study : Coalition Building

Establishing Public Sector Market Leadership Through Coalition Building

Phillips & Company helped Motion Computing establish itself as a thought leader and trusted advisor in state and local public sector markets by creating the Family Services Technology Council comprising other technology companies, child welfare associations, government agencies and academic partners.


Motion Computing, a leader in mobile computing and Tablet PC technology, sought to expand its presence in state and local public sector markets. The company had recently provided the State of Texas with nearly 5,000 Tablet PCs for statewide child welfare caseworkers and the company was looking to extend the successful Texas implementation to other state child welfare agencies.

While Motion’s technology is widely used in the health-care industry, business development in human services and other public sector markets had not been fully developed. Motion Tablet PCs were not known to the major systems integrator in the market nor the public sector social service providers. And most important, in many cases child welfare industry experts did not understand the value that mobile computing could add to the delivery of child and family protective services.


Phillips & Company helped Motion Computing create a non-profit, public-private coalition with some of the nation’s leading technology companies, solutions integrators, child welfare associations, state and local government contacts and academic partners, along with the support of the Administration for Children’s Services.

The coalition’s charter was to promote the well-being of at-risk children and families by identifying best practices for public and private agencies use of technologies to empower caseworkers and agencies. The coalition would identify mobile solutions that would increase the productivity and efficiency of agencies and caseworkers in order to improve client outcomes. Phillips and Company leveraged the coalition to introduce Motion Computing to public sector technology leaders state and local child welfare providers.


Motion Computing established itself as a thought leader in the health and human services computing industry. By partnering with solutions providers and regularly meeting with government decision makers at the state and local level, Motion established itself as a trusted advisor in the market.

Through the coalition, Motion was able to demonstrate the unique value of Tablet PCs for improving caseworker-client interaction, ultimately leading to better child and family services outcomes. The resulting relationships helped to shorten sales cycles and provide broader penetration into new state and local markets.