Case Study: Inspiring the Planet

Get Curious Campaign

Phillips & Company helped NASA position the landing of MSL “Curiosity” as one of the most successful interplanetary missions in history over a period of less than 60 days, connecting over 30 global events through social marketing, traditional media relations and launching, which reached nearly a quarter of a million people in just two weeks.


Phillips & Company coordinated with Explore Mars and other firms vested in the advancement of space exploration, including NASA, Boeing, United Launch Alliance, AeroJet and National Geographic, to create an awareness campaign to communicate the strategic, economic, social and cultural value of interplanetary exploration. The campaign was timed with the lead up to the landing of NASA’s Mars rover “Curiosity” on Aug. 5, 2012, and continues after the successful landing.

Goals included advancing the cause to gain support among decision makers and the broader public for a human mission to Mars as well as generating buzz in the media and through social marketing, among STEM educators, business leaders and politicians.


Phillips & Company led all aspects of the Get Curious campaign, which included concept and content production for the interactive website, placement of multiple opinion editorials by Explore Mars Executive Director Chris Carberry, nationwide media relations efforts, event planning for Curiosity rover “landing parties” across the country, social marketing and media efforts and a nationwide awareness exhibit.

The exhibit was coordinated with eight cities in the U.S. (Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Boston, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, and Orlando) to place large red boulders simulating “Mars rocks” in high-traffic public areas, engraved with and a QR code directing people to the website.


Get Curious coordinated Mars Curiosity landing parties across the globe.

The campaign garnered attention across all mediums (print, online, radio and broadcast). Explore Mars and the Get Curious campaign were featured online at,, and Huffington Post, among others. In print the campaign and campaign representatives were featured in US News & World Report, the Austin-American Statesman, Boston Herald, San Jose Mercury News, Houston Chronicle and more. Chris Carberry spoke on Mars Exploration with NPR’s Morning Edition, and various Get Curious landing parties were featured in local broadcast coverage across the country. received more than a quarter million unique page views in its first 20 days, and the social media impact was extremely positive with Twitter following growing 50% and Facebook following growing 17% during the 3-week kick-off campaign.

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Phillips & Company works with government agencies, established aerospace and defense companies and emerging space technology leaders to help them build stakeholder support, identify new opportunities for growth and sustainability and establish leadership positions in space and tangential markets.

Space is not merely a destination, but a platform for next-generation applications and services. Organizations that understand this will be better prepared to leverage the decline in the cost of space access and deliver new services to consumers on Earth and in Space. American leadership in the world depends on many factors and it is not defined by any one mission. Political leadership. Technology leadership. Economic leadership. All are driven by our commitment to a cause and our willingness to invest, and build and dream.

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