Education Technology & Innovation

Ten years from now, today’s 15-year-old student will be performing a job in a career that does not yet exist.

It is no longer just the academic achiever who leads, but the innovative, creative problem solver who is sought-after to drive the world’s technology-driven work force.

A pivotal shift in teaching learning is happening. With the onset of a digitally native culture, the tools and methods of education are evolving daily. From their first years of life, children are thinking, learning and communicating in revolutionary ways. At the same time, the needs of the industry are requiring innovative thinkers who have knowledge and adaptive skills to meet the needs of the changing workforce.

The face of the educational institution, pedagogical methods and learning needs is transforming. The textbook is now a handheld tablet screen. The instructor is now the conductor and connector of virtual communicators.

Technology is redefining the way people learn and teach. It is now becoming imperative that institutions rethink the way information is conveyed, the methods of measuring learning, and the programs and competencies needed to satisfy future industry needs. Technological innovators have to create solutions that meet these changing needs. Policies, funding, programs and markets must align in order to promote this new era in education.

Companies and organizations that position themselves successfully in this evolving area will help define the standards of teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Creating ecosystems for technology companies, educational institutions and industry leaders ensures the growth of students with in-demand knowledge, problem-solving abilities and transferable skills.

The Phillips & Company team has experience in addressing the needs of the changing education and technology landscape. We know the issues surrounding the promotion of new technologies for education. We understand the challenges of promoting new tech products, getting funding and achieving adoption by educational institutions.

We work directly with technology companies, educators, government agencies, market influencers and security and communications solution providers to create and execute strategies for growth in this rapidly changing market.

We help our clients by:

  • Making connections between technology innovators, industry stakeholders and educational institutions
  • Creating leadership coalitions on the issues driving technology, education and change
  • Educating the market on advanced technologies and new educational ideas
  • Influencing policy surrounding issues that impact educational change and market adoption
  • Promoting education and technology programs that transition students into a changing workforce

Education Expertise

  • STEAM and STEM Education
  • Career and Technical Education
  • E-Learning/Distance Learning
  • Marketing and promotion of educational programs
  • Competency-based curriculum

Education Technology Expertise

  • Collaboration Software
  • Robotics Education
  • Mobile Applications for Campuses
  • Campus Facilities Automation
  • Campus Security & Safety
  • Smart-Campus Technology
  • Regulatory & Compliance Software
  • Networking & Communications
  • Multimedia Solutions