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Time Capsule to Mars launches crowdfunding campaign

Student led, crowdfunded mission to send cubesat digital time capsule to Mars by 2019. TC2M will launch, design, fly and land spacecraft on Mars surface containing images & video for humans to discover in the future.

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‘Explore Deep Space’ Website Launches Today

Today is the exciting launch of – a new website dedicated to the exploration of deep space. The site offers the most recent discoveries, news, learning activities, and a comprehensive history of U.S. deep space endeavors. Maneuver through the latest in deep space mission updates, watch launch videos and check out the countdown to Orion’s first flight test.

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Austin PR Firm Phillips & Company Launches Leadership Academy

Phillips & Company today announced the launch of Phillips & Company Leadership Academy, an in-depth continuing education curriculum for employees.

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KEYE News – Rather Interesting Moment with Dan Rather, Phillips & Company’s 10th Anniversary

Legendary CBS News Anchor Dan Rather was in his beloved Austin recently to talk about leadership and our new social media information age.

Rather spoke at the One World Theater about the current state of communications in America. He was the keynote speaker for Austin public relations firm Phillips and Company as it celebrated its 10th anniversary.

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Americans Confident Humans Will Walk on Mars Within Two Decades

71 percent of Americans are confident that humans will go to Mars by 2033; 67 percent of respondents agreed the U.S. should send both humans and robots to Mars.