Business Solutions

Public Relations & Market Development

Phillips & Company has worked with the world’s leading technology companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations on the ideas and issues that are changing our world. We helped Virident launch a new platform for energy-efficient data centers. We helped EMS Technologies reposition itself from component supplier to technology leader. We helped NASA reach the world when Curiosity landed on Mars. And we helped LEGO Education win the hearts and minds of students as a leader in STEM education.

Phillips has earned a reputation for excellence in both strategic counsel and tactical delivery. Our unique experience helps companies develop strong leadership positions and focus on the strategies and tactics that deliver business results—not just clips.

As a public relations firm, we know that coverage matters. But we also understand that the quality, impact and value of communications must tie back to results that create leadership opportunities for companies and organizations. Our goal is to develop stories that resonate with technology, business and financial communities recognizing the difference in how each audience is approached and managed in the communication process.

Our solutions can be discrete, or integrated to deliver maximum value for our clients. Through public relations, market development, leadership positioning, social marketingpublic affairs and leadership development we accelerate leadership opportunities for our clients.

Strategic communications unites strategic disciplines

Leadership Positioning

Leadership is determined by an organization’s brand momentum. Phillips & Company practices the theory of momentum management by helping organizations identify and build a positioning platform that translates into executable marketing and strategic communication strategies.

Public Relations

An organization’s strategic public programs are designed to deliver credibility and brand integrity. Phillips & Company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help organizations communicate a sustainable leadership position and deliver media results.

Social Marketing

We understand how to help organizations build communities around ideas and issues to ensure faster adoption and accelerated market leadership.

Market Development

Phillips & Company has established a global network of relationships with decision makers in marketing, manufacturing, government administration and business solutions. We help our clients establish solid business relationships with their target customers to dramatically collapse the sales cycle and accelerate revenue.

Public Affairs

Federal, state and local governments remain the largest customers of IT services and technology. Companies must build trusted relationships with the solutions integrator, the agency, public officials and the public at large in order to win contracts.

Leadership Development

Phillips & Company aligns with leadership and takes a whole-systems approach to understanding concerns and interests at all levels of the organization. We then partner with top-level executives, internal consultants and mid-level managers to influence positive change and promotion of leadership vision and goals.