Leadership Development

When customers choose one company or product over another, they consider the company they trust—which includes both integrity and longer-term viability. Customers consider factors such as the value of the product or company and the company’s reputation. But, why do employees choose to commit to an organization, fully engage there, take the responsibility of being a representative of the organization seriously, and passionately work to help the company move in the direction of leadership vision and goals?

Phillips & Company can help you:

  • Promote alignment with leadership vision and goals at all levels of the organization –directly connecting to client satisfaction and company success
  • Influence positive response to transition
  • Create and sustain your company’s functioning and reputation as a preferred employer

Phillips & Company will help your organization’s people develop leadership and management competencies that will transfer to stronger internal relationships, increased organizational commitment, and above and beyond customer service.

We help companies identify the strong employment practices they want to preserve while simultaneously helping them identify and implement opportunities for positive change.

Being a high-functioning employer and influencing positive response to change requires:

  • Fresh insights and perspectives
  • Collaboration
  • Taking action while simultaneously measuring and making improvements
  • Focusing on the human side of the organization, to ensure accountability without constraining creativity or harming morale
  • Commitment and ability to rally people at all levels around leadership vision

Phillips & Company aligns with leadership and takes a whole-systems approach to understanding concerns and interests at all levels of the organization. We then partner with top-level executives, internal consultants and mid-level managers to influence positive change and promotion of leadership vision and goals.

We offer Leadership Development solutions in the following categories:  Team DevelopmentOrganization Development, and Executive Development,