Organization Development

When faced with ambiguous situations, cooperation usually emerges within individuals and groups. This cooperation may be in the direction of leadership goals but sometimes emerges as resistance to leadership goals. To sustain success, organizational leaders need to create and strengthen connections that influence increased passion and commitment to leadership goals at individual, group and organizational levels.

Organization Development initiatives help companies:

  • Promote leadership vision
  • Understand concerns at all levels of the organization
  • Build trust
  • Identify strengths your organization wants to preserve
  • Influence positive response to change

Any change within an organization introduces a complexity of influences. Successful transformation depends on people investing passion and commitment, and requires a balance between stability and invention.

At Phillips & Company, we believe successful transition depends upon both identifying and protecting your strengths (what you don’t want to change) and instigating changes that transform your company into what it needs to be for the future.

Phillips and Company helps organizations:

  • Evaluate the need for change, and define the changes required, by assessing where the organization is now in relation to where it wants to be in the future
  • Discover and emphasize past and present strengths, what they don’t want to change, and leverage the enduring values they want to preserve to create a stable foundation to support continued innovation and successful transformation
  • Identify and partner with the appropriate executive leaders, internal consultants and mid-level managers to successfully influence and monitor response to change initiatives
  • Plan change initiatives, and respond to concerns about change in effective and compassionate ways
  • Influence and mobilize passion, engagement and commitment at individual, group and organizational levels
  • Develop a future orientation that promotes leadership goals and success
  • Build and maintain support networks needed to store learning in the organization’s memory to ensure effective, adaptive responses in all operations.

Phillips & Company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of Organization Development Services, which include:

  • Organizational Discovery - Survey, Interviews, Focus Groups, Historical Research, Measurement
  • Change process planning and implementation
  • Ambassador program
  • Task, job and role organization
  • Downsizing planning and counseling
  • Career and Development coaching and counseling
  • Diversity training
  • Personal Momentum Workshop
  • Succession Planning
  • Accountability and feedback training
  • Performance management
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