Team Development

Team Development initiatives can be tools to foster both individual development and positive transformation at all organizational levels. Members of successful teams enjoy high trust and commitment, shared direction, group identity and good relationships with their managers. All of these factors impact morale and commitment to the organization and, in turn, influence a company’s ability to build and sustain success.

To ensure team members trust each other, it is important to:

  • Promote inclusiveness, collaboration and accountability
  • Make sure team members understand their team’s purpose
  • Ensure people are giving and receiving constructive and valuable feedback
  • Leverage strengths and identify areas of opportunity for improvement
  • Influence managers to promote leadership vision and goals

At Phillips & Company, we work with managers and employees to help them develop high functioning teams, where members:

Are willing to take reasonable risks

Feel comfortable learning from their mistakes

Are able to focus on tasks and solve problems effectively

Phillips & Company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of Team Development Services, which include:

  • Team integration workshops: For newly formed teams
  • Team charter facilitation
  • Cross-functional mentoring program
  • Virtual team building support
  • Ambassador program
  • Award & Recognition program
  • Accountability and feedback trainings
  • Diversity training
  • Conflict training and mediation
  • Momentum for Managers workshop
  • Strengthening Competencies in Your Team workshop
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