Market Development

Revenue acceleration through increased sales and expanded channels

Dynamic markets require more than merely sales calls and a brochure for a successful sales model. Complex products and services in markets that are rapidly changing require a focus on brand integrity and trust.

This level of trust can only be achieved through relationship building and solutions-selling.

Phillips & Company has established a global network of relationships with decision makers in marketing, manufacturing, government administration and business solutions. We help our clients establish solid business relationships with their target customers to dramatically collapse the sales cycle and accelerate revenue.

In addition to having the right relationships, our approach is designed to better align client solutions with customer needs.

Phillips has developed a proprietary model for partner marketing called LEAD (Leveraging Ecosystems for Accelerated Demand).  The model helps our clients develop a faster path toward creating sustainable relationships with all critical constituencies – customers, channel partners, technology partners, employees and investors.  The model helps organizations identify the optimal ecosystem for accelerated growth with a strategy on how to build it and sustain it.

We help integrate all business and market development programs with strategic public relations to ensure greater efficiencies and business results.

Phillips & Company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help companies qualify and close large deals and accelerate revenue. These services include:

  • Lead identification and process management
  • Customer qualification and needs assessment
  • Deal management and sales consulting
  • Sales messaging testing and analysis
  • Pricing model analysis
  • Business case development
  • Closing strategy and terms consulting
  • Contract negotiation
  • Channel partner expansion
  • Sales Presentation Development