Social Marketing

Demand creation through lead generation and integrated program management.

A successful social marketing program is designed to quickly build trust with target constituencies and accelerate demand cycles. Rarely, does this require massive advertising budgets.

Rather, successful social marketing programs take advantage of simple, proven social media and integrated marketing tools. The difference is how these tools are made to work together to ensure maximum reach and shorter response times to a call to action.

Phillips & Company works with your team to foster market acceleration through direct mail, Web-based marketing, guerilla field marketing and events.

We understand how to intelligently integrate online social media such as Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter with physical events to ensure we maximize reach. We understand how organizations can build communities around ideas and issues to ensure faster adoption and accelerated word-of-mouth.

Phillips & Company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help organizations create sustainable support for core programs and integrate core communication programs into any program area.

Phillips & Company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help companies create demand and integrate social marketing and core communication programs. These services include:

  • Lead identification and discovery
  • Market segmentation analysis
  • Webinar and online event management
  • Guerilla field marketing
  • Event marketing and sales lead integration
  • Social marketing asset management and analysis
  • Cross-functional training
  • TAM and SAM market analyses
  • Momentum management modeling
  • Direct mail and social media integration