Client Success

Our Clients

They are large and small. Serving both consumers and businesses. Globally and regionally.

But we can’t list them here.

Phillips & Company honors our role as a trusted advisor and partner to our clients. The services we provide help our clients achieve their growth objectives through demand creation and targeted campaigns aimed at broadening and strengthening corporate integrity and credibility.

The success of these campaigns depends, in part, on confidentiality and discretion. And we take that commitment seriously.

While you won’t see our client list, you do know our clients. And you have likely seen our work.

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  • Defining the Mars Generation

    White Paper

    How and why the Mars Generation will lead the next revolution in space exploration.

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  • Market Development

    Leveraging Ecosystems for Accelerated Demand

    LEAD helps organizations identify the optimal ecosystem for accelerated growth – with a strategy to build it and sustain it.

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