Case Study: From Supplier to Leader

EMS Technologies

EMS Technologies needed to increase its visibility and be seen as a leader in its market therefore Phillips & Company developed and executed a leadership campaign that led to increased and broader media coverage, national speaking engagements and an increase in stock, which ultimately led to an acquisition by Honeywell.


Prior to being acquired by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) in 2011, EMS Technologies was a leading innovator in the design and manufacturing of wireless, satellite and defense solutions and focused its unique range of advanced technologies on the needs of broadband and mobile information users. EMS was a leading supplier of component manufacturing for commercial and defense satellites and broadband communication in the air, land, sea and space to the world’s largest integrators and OEMs.

Because many EMS products were components of larger, end-user equipment, EMS struggled to become a more visible and relevant leader in the market. EMS Technologies needed to establish itself as a leader in the rapidly growing Satellite Economy.


Phillips & Company helped EMS focus on universal communications as its key area of thought leadership and developed a momentum-building leadership campaign that would leverage its reputation, its history of product development, and its brand integrity. The campaign focused on the EMS vision for “locating and communicating with any object or person on land, sea and space.”


Through public relations campaigns, Phillips & Company was able to help EMS establish itself as a thought leader. EMS was featured for the first time in national business publications, hosted international panel discussions, and spoke around the country on industry subjects such as in-flight communications.

EMS increased its visibility in the business community while at the same time expanding its leadership role in satellite communications. The resulting rise in brand visibility and integrity contributed to an increase in shareholder value. After a feature article was published in Forbes, EMS Technologies’ (NASDAQ: ELMG) stock hit an all-time high. This led to its acquisition by Honeywell.

  • After a feature article was published in Forbes, EMS Technologies (NASDAQ: ELMG) stock hit an all-time high and there has been continued interest from media and investors in the performance of the company.
  • Two weeks following the date on the Forbes article the stock closed at $32.76.
  • In a two week time period EMS experienced an 18.3% increase in stock price. EMS continues to invest in the company vision for universal communication through several speaking opportunities at conferences and panels including Connecting at 30,000 feet: Making Communications Truly Global, a National Press Club event sponsored by EMS.