Industry Expertise

Phillips & Company excels in dynamic technology markets, focusing on the industries and innovations that are changing the way we live and work. We have the knowledge and experience required to help our clients succeed in some of the world’s fastest moving, fastest growing industries, executing business development, marketing and public relations strategies that position our clients as leaders in emerging and established technology markets.

Core Practice Areas:

Education Technology & Innovation


Technology is redefining the way people learn and teach. It is now becoming imperative that institutions rethink how information is conveyed, the methods measuring learning and the requirements to satisfy future industry needs.

Space Exploration & Technology


The opportunity in space technology and commerce will outpace and eclipse the growth we saw in the early days of the Internet becoming a growth opportunity for companies.

Digital Security & Surveillance


From critical infrastructure protection to border security to safeguarding our schools, from retail security and asset protection to stopping red-light runners, digital surveillance solutions are becoming ubiquitous.

Mobile Computing & Wireless Technology


The world has become increasingly mobile. The promise of universal communications and the ability to communicate or locate any person or object on land, at sea or in the air is driving the demand.

Next-Generation Telecommunications


Over the last 10 years, telecom has experienced extraordinary change driven by the demand for mobility and the ubiquity of IP services … Industry leaders believe service providers need to dramatically alter their business.

Homeland Security & Defense


The war on terrorism has changed the role of security in our lives, spawned the development of new applications and created shifts in consumer and business buying behavior.

Energy & Green Technology


Consumers and enterprise markets have identified that their primary motivation for “going green” is cost savings and efficiency … but many companies view sustainability as consistent with their profit missions.