Digital Security & Surveillance

  • Video Analytics
  • Access Control
  • Biometrics
  • Facial Recognition
  • Business Intelligence
  • IP Video Integration
  • Video Forensics

From critical infrastructure protection to border security to safeguarding our schools, from retail security and asset protection to stopping red-light runners, digital surveillance solutions are becoming ubiquitous in our effort to protect our communities from unwanted threats and personal harm.

Demand is growing for quality video and more advanced tools for video forensics and sophisticated video data mining. Both a tool for security and a strategy for business intelligence, digital video surveillance technology is challenging the way we manage networks.

Companies that position themselves successfully in this growth market will help define the standards for the integration of IT and security. Demand for interoperability with existing video systems and integration with access control, intrusion detection and web-based monitoring will fuel greater opportunities for leadership. Next-generation security like facial recognition and other biometric controls will require greater cooperation with the IT world.

Phillips & Company works with the leading innovators in digital surveillance and security solutions on key strategies for growth:

  • Defining new markets and how to compete in them
  • Creating thought-leadership programs to capture leadership positions on customer issues
  • Expanding revenue options and opening new sales channels
  • Making inroads with major solutions integrators for commercial and government security contracts
  • Educating the market on advanced technologies to foster relevance and create demand