Homeland Security & Defense

The war on terrorism has changed the role of security in our lives, spawned the development of new applications and created shifts in consumer and business buying behavior. Worldwide investment in homeland security is not limited to surveillance and detection. The economic impact of homeland security investment now touches every facet of our lives from the protection of our nation’s infrastructure to the way we manage our identity.

There is an ever increasing demand for emerging security technologies. From smuggling interdiction and immigration control to proactive planning for dealing with emergency situations, governments everywhere are looking for new and innovative solutions to the problems we face in securing borders, populations and national assets against very real threats.

Homeland security and the defense industry continue to lead in IT spending. According to INPUT research, the top 10 federal buyers of IT include the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, NASA and all military agencies.

Since 9/11, the relationship between government and the private sector has radically changed creating both challenges and opportunities for growth. Understanding this relationship and knowing how to create sustainable ecosystems of partners and channels is essential to securing business in this growing market. Phillips works directly with clients and the government in the following technology markets:

  • Surveillance and biometrics
  • UAV surveillance
  • Satellite defense
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Biohazard detection
  • Total information awareness
  • Cyber-security
  • Law enforcement technology
  • Simulation and training
  • Search and rescue
  • Mobile communications

At Phillips & Company, we understand how the government works. We have experience and relationships at the federal, state and local levels. Our team can help you respond to the trends shaping the public sector by helping you create new revenue, impact policy direction or protect and secure the opportunity that is already won.

Phillips & Company executives serve on both private and public sector advisory boards in the areas of homeland and border security, including the Texas Critical Infrastructure Protection and Key Resources Council and the Global Border Security Conference. Phillips can help companies win in the emerging market for homeland security technology by:

  • Identifying existing federal and state contract vehicles and creating teaming opportunities
  • Creating leadership coalitions on the issues driving technology adoption
  • Expanding revenue options through sole source opportunities at federal and state agencies
  • Developing channel partnerships with major solutions integrators for government and defense
  • Educating the government agencies on advanced technologies to foster relevance and create demand