Mobile Computing & Wireless Technology

The world has become increasingly mobile. The promise of universal communications and the ability to communicate or locate any person or object on land, at sea or in the air is driving the demand for next-generation devices, applications and services.

All things once on the desktop computer, are on a handheld mobile device. All things once available over a wire are wireless.

Mobile computing and communications will redefine the customer experience. It has transformed the relationships between people have with the world around them. Mobile and wireless will continue to deliver ever-increasing  efficiencies and challenges to mobile workers. And it will entertain us and connect us to a richer experience.

Phillips & Company has helped mobile computing and wireless technology companies capitalize on the trends that are changing the way we work, live and play.

Phillips & Company works with leading innovators in mobile computing and wireless technology on key strategic issues:

  • Identifying new trends and positioning clients as leaders of those trends
  • Creating demand for products and services through leadership campaigns
  • Expanding revenue options and opening new channels to sales
  • Executing on strategies that increase demand for mobile computing and communications
  • Creating ecosystems to foster momentum and accelerate growth.