Space Exploration & Technology

The Space Economy is expected to grow between 18 and 20% over the next 10 years to become a $1 Trillion dollar market.

Trends Driving Leadership in the Space Economy

The emerging new Space Economy promises to become a transformational force for economic growth and business opportunity. As the market matures and business models develop, the Space Economy will need leadership. The same rules that fueled the rise of the Internet Economy will govern the Space Economy – and the opportunities for long-term economic success may far exceed its predecessor.

Phillips & Company works with government, aerospace leaders and commercial space companies on key strategies for leadership and success by:

  • Coalition-building with space technology leaders in industry and government
  • Advancing the cause for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education
  • Identifying revenue opportunities through existing contract vehicles and sole source opportunities
  • Expanding visibility through traditional and non-traditional space communities, business and trade media
  • Educating the market on relevance and role within the Space Economy
  • Helping government partners and private sector build support for current and future missions