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SXSWedu 2015 Education Technnology

Top 5 Hot Topics at SXSWedu 2015, Part 1

Phillips & Company gives you an inside look at what are the hottest topics for SXSWedu 2015.

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Breaking Bad: PR Tips for the PR Professional

It’s no secret that every company and organization wants to be perceived as “successful.” But in what ways can we, as marketing and communications professionals, lend to a company’s success? How can we increase consumer engagement and profitability?

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Digital security and surveillance

Top 5 Lessons from the Sony Attack

Cyber-hackers had a big year in 2014 and are projected to have an even bigger year in 2015. Here are tips for your company to help prevent or alleviate the effects of a potential cyber-attack.

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Volunteering – Why I say yes, and why you should too

What is it that motivates some people to take time out of their busy lives to give to a cause?

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Public relations: what is it good for?

There’s a lot of confusion outside the public relations world about what exactly PR is. Is it marketing? Is it like sales? Is it another term for advertising? The answers to all of these is yes and no. Confused? You’re in good company.

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This week in (mostly) Space News

This week in Space News: NASA’s agreements with Skycorp, a new Mars lander, revisiting aviation history and more…

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Planning for Mars Missions and Inspiring Kids at H2M Summit

A recap of the H2M Summit, Explore Mars’ 2014 event panels on planning for Mars, Space exploration and STEM education connections.

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