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KEYE News – Rather Interesting Moment with Dan Rather, Phillips & Company’s 10th Anniversary

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From KEYE News Austin:

Legendary CBS News Anchor Dan Rather was in his beloved Austin recently to talk about leadership and our new social media information age.

Rather spoke at the One World Theater about the current state of communications in America. He was the keynote speaker for Austin public relations firm Phillips and Company as it celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Phillips and Company President Rich Phillips says Rather was the perfect person to speak to his employees because Rather has seen it all, from interviewing presidents and world leaders to Mother Teresa. Rather was there during the days of radio, waiting for film at 11 and tweets in a second.

But, Rather says in this world of Facebook and Twitter it’s still better to be right than first. “I can recall on 9-11, many of the first things we heard about that awful day turned out to be untrue,” Rather said. “So it’s worthwhile for every journalist to remind ourselves from time to time, particularly when it’s some horrific event, the first things you hear are frequently wrong.”

Phillips says getting the message right and to the public right now is important for every business. He also says it was a real treat to have Rather reaffirming that message.

“You know it’s exciting to be here with someone who has been at the center of history for 50 years and really be an icon for journalism and for us as a public relations company it’s very meaningful,” Phillips said.

Dan Rather also signed copies of his new book.


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