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Phillips & Company announces Leadership Development Solution

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Today, Phillips & Company announced its new Leadership Development solution that will provide internal communication strategies and execution for its clients.

Said Rich Phillips, president of Phillips & Company, “We apply these same concepts to our internal team – to help them become leaders in the areas they are most passionate about and to build integrity and trust among the people in their lives, in our company and for our clients. The Leadership Development solution expands upon our core values and expertise as strategic communication professionals that will directly translate into helping companies promote positive and lasting improvements at all levels of their organization.”

Phillips & Company’s Leadership Development solution offers a unique whole-systems approach to internal communications. It helps organizations influence people at all levels to move in the direction of leadership goals and be committed to the success of their employer. Phillips does this by helping clients identify and encourage their employees to focus on their strengths and opportunities, build the skills they need to establish trust and strong relationships and influence others to be successful.

“We want to help organizations build and maintain great reputations as preferred employers,” said Misty Pagel, manager of organization development at Phillips & Company. “We want to help our clients ensure their employees are engaged, committed and enthusiastic — three attributes we believe directly link to great customer service, quality performance and overall company success. Partnership is a high value for us at Phillips & Company and we want to partner with leaders, internal consultants, managers and frontline employees to strengthen congruence between employee passions and company needs. We want to help our clients promote stronger and more trusting relationships and connect all employee engagement initiatives with movement in the direction of leadership goals.”

The Leadership Development solution will offer customized services to meet the needs of each client, in the following categories:

  • Organization Development – Evaluate the need for change; discover and emphasize past and present strengths; mobilize passion, engagement and commitment at all organizational levels; and develop a future orientation that promotes leadership goals and success.
  • Team Development – Develop internal leadership and management competencies with a focus on both the strengths teams can leverage for stability and positive change; communicate team vision and inspire enthusiasm and commitment; display trustworthiness and assurance.
  • Executive Development – Program focused on helping executives develop leadership platforms aligned with organizational mission and goals; execute vision and leadership programs for external and internal audiences; leadership programs to help lead teams to success.

About Phillips & Company

Phillips & Company is a global communications firm that helps companies, government agencies and non-profits create, defend and sustain leadership positions through public relations and market development. With a focus on space technology, homeland security, mobile computing, telecommunications, healthcare, education and energy, Phillips & Company helps organizations focus on the opportunities and strategies that accelerate market victories. Ultimately, Phillips helps clients create demand for their products, services and ideas by broadening and reinforcing the trust customers, partners and investors have in their organization. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Phillips & Company has operations in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, St. Louis, London and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

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