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Space Tourism Society Names Phillips & Company President to Board of Governors

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Phillips joins Buzz Aldrin, Bigelow Aerospace founder Robert Bigelow on STS Board

LOS ANGELES – May 14, 2014Phillips & Company President Rich Phillips has been named to the Space Tourism Society’s Board of Governors, the global communications firm announced today. The nomination, which was made by Space Tourism Society President John Spencer and approved by the organization’s executive board, makes Phillips the first new board member in nearly three years.

Phillips & Company made the announcement from the 33rd International Space Developers Conference (ISDC) in Los Angeles, where Phillips is scheduled to speak May 14 and 15 as one of the Space Enterprise Track co-chairs.

Within the next 10 years, personal spaceflight opportunities will include orbital and sub-orbital flight and earth-based simulations and immersive entertainment. But over the long term, personal spaceflight promises deep space opportunities to the Moon and beyond as well.

Phillips was selected because of his long history of public relations work in the aerospace sector and his knowledge of market development, Spencer said.

“Rich’s leadership in crafting strategic public relations programs for the aerospace industry and the space enterprise industry has brought him and Phillips & Company national attention,” Spencer said. “As I got to know Rich it became clear to me that he would be an excellent new member of our Board of Governors and bring creative energy and guidance to the Board and Space Tourism Society in general.”

With the appointment, Phillips joins astronaut Buzz Aldrin, space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, ZERO-G CEO and founder of the International Space University and X-Prize Peter Diamandis, Professor Kathleen Allen, business leader Charles Noh and management consultant Lewis Stanton.

“Space tourism is inevitable,” said Phillips. “It is in our nature to explore and the future of space travel will not be limited to a select few. Throughout history, less than 600 men and women have traveled to low-earth orbit. Over the next 10 years, we will see that number increase exponentially as technology advances and the market for personal spaceflight matures.”

Founded in 1996, the Space Tourism Society is the first organization in the world dedicated solely to the space-tourism industry. With 17 chapters worldwide, its mission is to make space tourism available to as many people as possible and as soon as possible.

Austin, Texas-based Phillips & Company is the world’s leading public relations firm serving the space economy. Clients include NASA and Lockheed Martin.

Images courtesy Space Tourism Society, NASA.

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